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John F Sacco

John F Sacco

John F Sacco

Associate Professor

Information management, budgeting, accounting, policy analysis

Dr. John Sacco is an associate professor in George Mason University's Department of Public and International Affairs. He holds advanced degrees in political science and accounting as well as an undergraduate degree in data processing. Prior to joining George Mason, he was a program analyst for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Professor Sacco brings an interdisciplinary background to his teaching and research. He combines extensive work in computer applications, finance, economics, accounting, and public administration.

This range of subjects allows him to approach major government policy and management questions from historical, economic, and global information vantage points. His co-authored book on microcomputers in government reflects this integrative, multidisciplinary perspective. He is working on a governmental and nonprofit accounting and financial reporting textbook that will be accessible to students on the World Wide Web. In 1999, he published a policy paper with several scholars from New Zealand. The paper compared the integrated, business-like financial management system of the New Zealand government with the emerging attempts by governments in the U.S. to use accounting and performance measures similar to those in private business. In 2000 Professor Sacco published work in the Association of Governmental Accountants Journal to explain some the recent and most dramatic changes in state and local governmental accounting and finance that have taken place in the 20th century.

In his teaching at George Mason, Professor Sacco has introduced students to video and television production, extensive use of computers, and now, global information techniques and systems, particularly the World Wide Web. His current teaching area covers finance and accounting in government and rapidly growing world of nonprofit and the global Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs). He has done consulting work for several state and local governments and Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firms, including contact work with CPA firms on finance and accounting for the Chinese government.

Current Research

Sacco's current research is in these areas: public finance and government accounting, global capital markets, government management and computing, nonprofit organizations. He has a forthcoming work on the evolution of end user computing.

Selected Publications

Sacco, John, and Darrene Hackler. Forthcoming. "A Longitudinal Study of End User Information Technology Performance: A View from a County Budget Office," has been accepted for publication in Volume IV of the Annals of Cases on Information Technology, Idea Group Publishing/IRM Press. Hershey, Pa.

John F. Sacco (2000). "GASB #34 as Part of Changing Political and Global Market Pressure." The Government Accountants Journal. Spring. Vol. 49. no. 1. pp: 20-21.

Ball, I, Dale, T, Eggers, W, and Sacco, J. 1999. "Reforming Financial Management in the Public Sector: Lessons U.S. Officials Can Learn from New Zealand." Policy Study No. 258. Reason Public Policy Institute. Reason Foundation. 3415 S. Sepulveda Blvd, Suite 400, Los Angeles, CA 90034.

with John W. Ostrowski, A Framework for Developing Microcomputer Problem Solving Applications (update). Research in Public Policy Analysis and Management. V. 6. 1995. Stuart Nagel (ed). JAI Press. Greenwick, CN.

Courses Taught

Public Administration and Policy: Finance, Government Accounting, Budgeting, Policy Analysis

Information Management: Internet Course Design, Database Design, Microcomputer Applications, Government Information and Decision Support Systems