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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dean's Distinction for Public Service

To recognize and reward the public service of students within the college, the dean has established the Dean's Distinction for Public Service.

If you are a student who volunteers your time to help improve your community, you are invited to apply for this distinction. The "community" you serve can be local, regional, national, or international.

At the end of each academic year, the dean recognizes two levels of distinction.

Dean’s Distinction for Public Service 

This is awarded at the annual college convocations each May to undergraduate and graduate students who complete 100 or more hours of public service during their time at Mason. Students receive recognition in the college convocation program.

To have their names included in the convocation program, students graduating in January, May, or August should apply by April 1.

To be considered for the Superior Contribution award (see below), students must apply by May 1. (Applications received between April 1 and May 1 will not appear in the convocation ceremony program.) 

Dean’s Distinction for Public Service, Superior Contribution

This is awarded to one graduating undergraduate and one graduating graduate student each year. This recognition is accompanied by a $500 prize. 

Students amassing very high levels of public service will be asked to submit additional materials about their service for review for this award. Those selected as eligible for this honor will be contacted in mid-May after convocation.

Public Service Guidelines  

Public service is any contribution made to a non-profit, non-partisan, governmental, or community organization without financial remuneration and not for academic credit. This service should be beyond the scope of standard work responsibilities if the service is done for an employer.


Document your public service hours by filling out a short survey. Be prepared to list the number of hours you served, the agency served, a point of contact in the agency, and a very brief description of the work you performed. Use this form to submit information for up to three agencies at once. Contact Katie Clare if you have more than three agencies to report.

Complete this CHSS Distinction for Public Service form which will be located on this page when applications are being accepted.


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